[Fried Pork Belly with String Beans]_How to do_How to do

[Fried Pork Belly with String Beans]_How to do_How to do

Pork belly is a kind of pork. It has various methods. For example, stir-fried pork belly with green beans can perfectly combine the flavor of green beans with the aroma of pork belly. When making this stir-fried dish, you need to know how to add green beans and pork belly,The specific time of seasoning, grasping the cooking time, can make this dish fragrant and delicious.

Let’s learn the specific methods of stir-fried pork belly with green beans!

Ingredients: 250g pork belly, 250g green beans, ingredients, raw soy sauce, chicken essence, garlic. Step 1. Boil the pork belly that you bought.

Then slice.

[1] 2、将切好的五花肉放入平底锅煎直至金黄捞起沥干油份。3, the green beans go to the head and tail and then divide into two and then clean them.

4, green beans peeled garlic and peeled.

5. Add the green beans to the wok and stir-fry quickly.

6. When the green beans reach the oily body, add the fried pork belly and garlic.

7. At the end, raw soy sauce and chicken essence are added, just add a little bit of water.

8. Stir-fried green beans and sweet peas with fried pork belly is a home-cooked meal.

To make the green beans soften as soon as possible, it is best to boil them first.

If you put garlic in the stir-fry dish, you can put the garlic at the end, which will make the garlic’s flavor better!

The therapeutic effect of green beans is sweet, light, lukewarm, returning to the spleen, and the stomach meridians are damp and not dry, and the spleen is not stagnation. The commonly used products for spleen deficiency and dampness are to reconcile the viscera and spleen, to maintain the spirit, to nourish the spleen,The effect of reducing heat and dampening and diminishing swelling is mainly for treating spleen deficiency and dampness, diarrhea due to lack of food, wet betting, women taking too much, and used in summer wet injuries, vomiting, diarrhea and tendons.

With anti-HBV effect, fresh pods can be used as vegetables, can also be dehydrated or canned.

Other effects are good for the heart. Soluble fiber in green beans can lower cholesterol, and it is also rich in vitamin a and vitamin c to prevent cholesterol.

At the same time, green beans are an important source of trace elements potassium and magnesium, which can stabilize blood pressure and reduce the burden on the heart.

Strong bones, although the green beans are not too much calcium, but they contain a lot of vitamin K.

Studies have shown that vitamin K can increase bone density and reduce the risk of fractures in patients with osteoporosis.

Iron supplement, anti-infection, green beans contain a lot of iron, which is very suitable for people with iron deficiency.

Because green beans contain many antioxidants and carotene, they are also a good “anti-inflammatory” ingredient for infections caused by rheumatoid arthritis.