Twenty-nine kinds of massage methods let you ten years of life


Twenty-nine kinds of massage methods let you ten years of life

Massage has been circulating in the chronic years of 2000. It has the function of regulating nerve function, promoting blood circulation, improving the body’s resistance to disease, relieving vital energy, relieving inflammation and relieving pain.

Here we introduce to you twenty-nine kinds of massage methods are as follows: 1, the palm of the hand palms aligned with the forehead, slightly rubbed to the lower forehead, then turned to the back of the head, gently rubbed the top of the head, and returned to the foreheadThis counts 1 time.

銆€銆€Rub it a total of 10 times, then use the fingertips to evenly rub the hair roots of the entire head ten times.

Can reconcile the hundreds of veins, so that the blood is not fading, the complexion is rosy, reducing wrinkles.

銆€銆€2, the buckled bamboo with the thumb bends the protruding part of the left and right alternately slamming the two sides of the bamboo hole (located in the brows), each hole 15?
20 times, exerting a slight degree of discomfort.

It has the effects of eliminating pain, eye swelling and restoring vision fatigue.

銆€銆€3, the telecentric sitting, the two eyes rotated 5 times to the left, then look forward for a moment, then rotate to the right 5 times, foresight for a while.

It is extremely beneficial for protecting your vision.

銆€銆€4, point the eye to point the two points of the eye to point the eye point (0.1 inch above the inner corner of the eye) 15?
30 seconds, with a slight feeling of discomfort, with an eye pain and eyesight.

銆€銆€5, rub the eyelids with both hands and gently press on both sides of the eyelids, then rotate and twirling, 20 times in reverse counterclockwise.

It has the effect of eliminating eye pain and eyesight.

銆€銆€6, according to the sun with the two index finger ends pressed on the two sides of the temple rotation, shun counterclockwise each press 10?
15 times.

It has the effect of relieving pain and refreshing the brain.

銆€銆€7, dry-cleaning face two hands pointing together, from the face down face 20?
30 times.

Has a refreshing, antihypertensive effect.

銆€銆€8, the fake comb two fingers touch the scalp, from the forehead to the back of the pillow, from the top of the head to the vertical side of the comb, the head has a thermal sense.

It has the effect of striking, relieving pain and lowering blood pressure.

銆€銆€9, Ming Tian drum two palms close to the two ear holes, two hands three fingers flicked the back of the pillow 10 times, then palms cover the ear hole, the finger gently press the back pillow does not move, then suddenly lifted off, then open and close 10The last two index fingers were inserted into the ear hole three times and then suddenly released.

This is counted as 1 time, a total of 3?
5 times.

It has the effect of refreshing the brain, enhancing memory, strengthening hearing and preventing ear disease.

銆€銆€10, 鍙?tooth mouth is lightly closed, the upper and lower teeth are lighter than each other 20?
30 times.

It has the function of preventing loosening of teeth and promoting digestive function.

銆€銆€11, grinding the back of the nose with the thumb back to rub the bilateral nasal back to local fever.

Helps to ventilate and prevent colds.

銆€銆€12, the chest is pressed with two palms on the outside of the two breasts, rotating and twirling, squatting counterclockwise for 10 times.

It has the effect of accelerating blood flow and reducing fatigue of the chest muscles.

銆€銆€13, grasp the shoulder muscles with the right thumb, index finger, middle finger with the pinch of the left shoulder muscles, the left hand pinch the right shoulder muscles, cross, each 10 times, there is a loose shoulder to fatigue.

銆€銆€14, in the point of the sputum with a slight pressure on the midpoint of the two nipples (ie, the middle point of the sputum), about 30 secretly released suddenly, so repeated 5 times.

Have a chest, smooth, analgesic, anti-asthmatic effect.

銆€銆€15, Su Huagai sit, quiet, take a deep breath, then slowly exhale, repeat 10 times.

There is a new effect of vomiting, strengthening the lungs and improving the respiratory function.

銆€銆€16, the two sides of the open chest and five fingers, placed on the chest wall on both sides of the chest, the finger end sliding along the rib gap from the inside to the front, repeat 10?15 times.

There is open chest and smooth, stop scars and anti-asthmatic effect.

銆€銆€17, Shu large intestines with one hand akimbo, the other hand five fingers open, fingertips down, from the heart of the nest, sloping down the umbilical side, then right up to the right rib down to the left.

That is, rubbing 10 times along the direction of the large intestine.

It has the effect of dredging the large intestine, enhancing digestion and preventing constipation.

銆€銆€18, the yin and yang are centered on the navel, the two hands are opposite to each other, and the umbilical eye is inserted into the left and right sides, and the hands are extended inwardly for a total of 10 times.

It has the effect of smoothing, swelling and enhancing digestive function.
銆€銆€19, 鎻?ring jump seat or station position, left thumb end 鎻夋悡 ring ring jump point (the outer thigh of the femoral greater trochanter and the fistula line), then use the right thumb to knead the ring jump point, cross, each 10 times.

There is a pass through the active, strong and strong role.

銆€銆€20, rubbing your eyes and pressing your hands on your waist, push down to the tail of the donkey, and hold the left and right hands together for a total of 30 times.

Have a strong waist and strong kidney, suffering from low back pain.

銆€銆€21, 鐢?both hands naturally hang down, tilting forward and backward 30?
50 times.

Relax shoulders, arms, wrists, knuckles, smooth blood and enhance arm function.

銆€銆€22, 鎹?鎹?shoulders and left hand holding empty fists, on the opposite side of the upper limb from the shoulder to the wrist to fight a total of 20?
30 times.

It has an active, flexible joint to prevent arthritis and arm pain.

銆€銆€23, top ten fingers and two palms are opposite, the left and right fingers are forced to top 10 times.

There are active knuckles that promote the function of the hand.

銆€銆€24, pinch the tiger’s mouth with the right thumb, the index finger pinch the left hand tiger mouth, then the left thumb, the index finger pinch the right hand tiger mouth, each 10 times.

It has the function of improving hand function and treating head and face diseases.

銆€銆€25, the vortex of both palms press the knees tightly, first extend the rotation 10 times, then rotate inward 10 times.

It has the flexibility to expel the muscles, strengthen the knee function and prevent arthritis.

銆€銆€26, rub the thighs and hold the two hands tightly at the base of the thighs, press firmly to the alignment, then rub back to the roots of the thighs, back and forth a total of 20 times.

It has the flexibility of advancing joints, strengthening leg muscles, and preventing leg diseases.

銆€銆€27, the intestines with two palms and tight legs and abdomen rotation and twitching, 30 times on each side, there is ventilating blood, strengthen the muscle strength.

銆€銆€28, 鎺?鎺?鑵?with knees, index finger 鎺?Achilles tendon, each side 鎺?20 times.

It has the function of improving foot function, eliminating lower limb fatigue and enhancing foot strength.

銆€銆€29, after rubbing your hands and rubbing your hands, pinch your feet and heart, 80 times left and right.

There is a virtual fire, Shugan Ming purpose.