10 bad habits of Chinese wives

10 bad habits of Chinese wives

Many women will have various requirements for their husbands, hoping that they will become like that in their hearts.

In fact, men are also correct. “She” has a taste. Let ‘s take a look at their wives . Opinion 1: Jackie Chan Tianming is a doctoral student at a university in the north. After a hard semester in the school, he willCan’t wait to rush home, hoping to return to Jiao’s wife as soon as possible and enjoy a warm and relaxing holiday.

Who knew that the young couple hadn’t talked about two words yet, and his wife seduced him in a good way.

She kept telling Tianming that her husband had received a full scholarship from the United States not long ago; her husband had already been a mentor; and her husband returned from abroad after finishing his MBA, and was vying for it by several foreign companies.Annual salary is up to 80,000 US dollars and so on.

In order not to lag behind the husband of “So and so”, Tianming began to study hard from the night when he returned home.

  All the vacation plans that were originally planned are not dare to be realized.

Before the end of the holiday, Tianming reluctantly called: “Although I have a promising future, I myself feel like a small boat in the sea that replaces the channel, and I cannot find a sheltered harbor.

“Expert comment: It is easy to notice that women with this idea often have a strong vanity, the so-called” married wife and wife “; although they often have a strong attachment, the so-called” only vine wrapped around the tree, whichThere are tree-wrapped vines. ”

In order to satisfy their vanity and inclusion, they did not hesitate to put pressure on their husbands.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with encouraging your husband to work hard, but if you do not create pressure according to the actual situation, it may be counterproductive.

Bottom line: The woman who forced Jackie Chan into a dragon was too stupid.

  Opinion 2: Unscrupulous Mr. Li likes to be well-dressed and well-dressed women, but his wife is increasingly disappointing him.

Mr. Li said: My wife doesn’t know how to choose clothes according to her body characteristics, and she doesn’t know how to match colors.

I gave her advice, and she accused me of being a little man, too much.

Once I joked that men all like beautiful women, don’t you worry that I was seduced by others?

Who knows his wife hummed arrogantly and continued to do what she did.

She always believes that her family conditions are better than mys. At first, she gave me “marry”
regardless of her parents ‘opposition. She believed that her“ righteousness ”had“ locked up ”me for a long time, so she dared to live in peaceLife of yellow face woman.

Although I am not the kind of man who looks at each other, when I see a well-dressed woman on the street, I always feel lost, and sometimes I even think about it.

  Expert comments: Such women are not in the minority in China, especially after giving birth to children and gradually entering middle age.

Such women often have the following psychology: First, the “renewal” psychology, thinking that the “revolution” is over, they can put Nanshan on the horse, so they dress casually and no longer pay attention to grooming.

The second is slackness.

It is no longer “strictly demanding yourself”, everything is careless, and it is worth it.

Heart of beauty in everyone.

Can you say that such a woman would not let her husband down?

The husband may not say it, but he understands it.

This is the real danger.

Bottom line: A woman who is unwilling to be a yellow-faced woman is too careless.

  Opinion 3: Suspicious, Mr. Cui is the boss of a 4A company. Due to work reasons, he often brings female employees in the company to go out to accompany customers for dinner.

At this time, his wife’s phone will be followed: “Where are you?

After Mr. Cui answered truthfully, his wife would continue to ask, “Why so noisy?”

Or “How so quiet?”

“When I get home, she will look for the opposite sex trend in Mr. Cui in sweet words, and say,” How do I smell a perfume? ”

“After a while, I said,” Don’t move, I have the white hair on your head and I’ll unplug it for you “-in fact, she wants to check if anyone has left lipstick or the like on her husband.

  How can Mrs. Cui escape the eyes of Mr. Cui’s businessman!

But he often pretended to be ignorant so that she could rest assured that she had found nothing.

Once, several friends of Mr. Cui persuaded his wife not to be overly nervous. In turn, his wife asked them very seriously: “Our children are still young, so please help me look at him.

“It is suspected that Mr. Cui’s business is not very good, the mental pressure is too great, and the requirements for sex life have naturally eased. His wife suspected that he had affair with other women and even hired someone to follow him.

Mr. Cui said: “My wife’s behavior is simply contrary to the nature of love.Expert comment: Suspicious women often come out of their unconfidence in marriage and their unconfidence in themselves.

Because of her unconfidence in marriage, she was always worried about her husband’s emotional transfer or derailment. Because of her unconfidence, she was afraid that she might be abandoned by her husband someday.

The root cause of unconfidence is a lack of independence and a lack of understanding of the nature of marriage.

Even an arrogant wife often plunges her husband into words, which is difficult to say, and directly affects the harmony of husband and wife.

In a word: Suspicious woman is too poor.

  Opinion 4: Regardless of her husband’s dignity, Mr. Zhang said, “I am a man who is oppressed by low pay and cannot feel his dignity.

One day, I wanted to use the payment I just received to invite my wife to a restaurant to eat, to restore a little bit of self-esteem for men.

During the banquet, I just met two friends, so I ventured to ask them to eat at the same table.

I didn’t want to exceed my budget when I settled. I didn’t have enough money. I had to borrow from my wife.

Two friends laughed. Is your family AA system?

When she heard the anger burning, Yu Zhi pointed directly at my heart and said, “You ask him how much money he earns a month, can he afford the AA system?

“After that, I walked away.

  Mr. Zhang was sad at last and thought, “Is a man without dignity without money?

Why don’t women understand that a man who lacks money but does not lack dignity always has hope for development; but a man who lacks money and loses dignity will always only suffer poverty.

Does my wife want me to stumble forever?

“Expert comment: You can ridicule a man’s appearance, but you can never laugh at a man’s incompetence.

Ability-the ability to make money and sexual ability are the two major aspects of a man’s dignity.

Men who do not feel dignity often arrogantly abandon themselves and humble themselves.

Therefore, a smart wife always tries her best to protect her husband’s dignity, and encourages her husband to sail through the waves and revive her glory through various “speech” and “technical means.

Bottom line: A woman who doesn’t know how to protect her husband’s dignity is too ignorant.

  Opinion 5: Mr. Li is a good cadre.

Father-in-law’s 70-year-old father-in-law this year, his granddaughter-in-law gave a high-end Rolex watch, and the second son-in-law who started the company donated 10,000 yuan in cash, but Mr. Li’s gift was only 1,000 yuan.

After seeing Mr. Li’s wife, the dumbbells were uncomfortable.

Mr. Li knew she was uncomfortable and quietly reached out from under the table to pull his wife’s hand, not wanting to be kicked by her.

Mr. Li said, “My wife is good at everything, she just loves her face too much.

For example, her friend bought a piano for her child, and she would buy one and put it home, regardless of whether our son was interested in it.

    What jewelry is popular in the market, she must also own.

Democrats, she was hooked on changing phones.

Hey, as a civil servant, it’s really troublesome to spread such a vanity-loving wife.

“Expert comment: Some people describe women as a landscape of the city. Therefore, if there is no comparison between women and the fight for beauty, how can the scenery be” beautiful “?

However, if you don’t blindly compare according to your own economic conditions, you will be too vain.

Such excessive vanity often causes mental tension and even overwhelmingness for those men who are not “rich”.

Bottom line: Women who like to compare themselves to vanity are too “horrible”.

  Opinion 6: Thoughtfulness. Mr. Yuan relies on his wife for being considerate. He acknowledges that his wife cares about his daily life, but not his feelings.

Mr. Yuan, who was born by Fang Niuwa, said that not long after his wedding, his relatives from his hometown came to their home and accidentally burned a hole in the carpet while smoking. His wife became furious and made the guests extremely embarrassed.

Later, his wife warned Mr. Yuan relentlessly and said, “Tell you, no one from your home will come into this door.”

Therefore, their son is 5 years old and has not seen grandpa or grandma.

Before the Spring Festival, Mr. Yuan’s parents offered to see his grandson in the city, but he did not dare to agree.

He quietly wrote a long letter to his parents and sent it a few hundred yuan. He didn’t want the incident to be discovered by his wife again, and the two sides had another big fight.

  Mr Yuan said, “My reputation in my hometown has now been wiped out.”At the same time that my parents lost their son, they also lost the respect of their villagers.

Although I have repeatedly told my parents and relatives that I came out of the red land to keep ties with them, but they did not believe me.

Although I live in a high-rise building in the metropolis, I have a lovely wife and son at home, which seems very happy.

Actually, who knows the pain inside me?

When the night is quiet, I often face the direction of my hometown and confess to my father and fellows in order to alleviate the regrets in my heart.

“Expert comment: considerate and inconsequential. This is a common problem among those who consider themselves” good wives. ”

Some wives are rejecting their husbands: they care about him, take good care of them, why he is still not satisfied.

But she may not know that she intentionally or unintentionally, consciously or unconsciously, neglected or lowered her husband’s relatives and friends, which led to her husband’s antipathy.

Men and women combine the interaction between two people, and also involve the interaction of different social relationships (such as relatives and friends) between the two people.

Ignoring this kind of social relationship will often deepen the feeling of “besieging a siege” in marriage and breed the desire to break out of “besieging a siege”.

In a word: the thoughtful woman is too sad.

  Opinion 7: Ignore sex Mr. Guo no longer has “unsexual happiness” in his marriage.

He said that in the 5 years of marriage, his wife had never taken the initiative in sexual life, and every time she lived as a husband and wife, she caused very reluctance, like a zombie.

In order to inspire her, Mr. Guo often recommends some newspapers and magazines on sexuality, and shows her magazines, and even borrows the relevant discs to share with her, but she is still a zombie in practice.

Mr. Guo said that now, he is unwilling to go home after work, and is more afraid to sleep with his wife in the bed, because this can give him a strong stimulation of his desire.

To escape normal psychological needs, he fell in love with survival wine and mahjong.

  Mr. Cheng and his wife are both cadres of the government.

He said: “We have been married for 13 years, that is, two years before marriage.

After my wife entered pregnancy, I was worried that my baby’s breath would move, so I gave up.

“After the child was born, my mother-in-law came to help and surrounded my bed. I could only recognize it.

When my wife was out of confinement, I went back to my bed, but she almost forgot about my existence. In order to prevent my snore from waking up the child, she even ordered me to move to the next room to sleep.

The child slept with us until the age of six, and the wife decided to divide the bed, but she still had to go to sleep with her daughter three days and two ends.

Occasionally there was a day of reunion, and she was either tired or sick.

Once, maybe I was pushing her in a hurry, and she bluntly spoke the truth: the children are so old, should they do such a thing?

With family planning now, and I can’t have a child again, we might as well save some energy to raise a daughter, and I wouldn’t be intimidated as soon as I reach menstruation.

“Mr. Cheng was distressed at last:” I am a normal man and have a well-structured home, but I cannot live the family life that a normal middle-aged man deserves.

My wife slept beside me when I was sexually aroused, but I had to stand firm. It was really difficult to express.

Expert comments: Due to the influence of feudal thoughts for thousands of years, most people in China talk about sexual discoloration, especially women’s sexual desire is suppressed. Their proactive sexual demands are regarded as “irregular” and “kinky women.”

Relatively, they only regard sexuality in marriage as a kind of thing they have to do in order to carry on the line and have children.

This deviation in sexual conception keeps them away from sexual pleasure and enjoyment, resulting in the actual separation of sex and love.

Modern marriage should be the harmonious unity of sex and love.

Harmonious sex life not only helps deepen the love of the couple, but also helps the couple’s physical health.

  Opinion 8: Lack of housewife awareness Mr. Chen married Miss Li two years ago.

After marriage, he discovered that his wife, who was a reference officer, would not do housework at all, let alone manage finances.

He said that his home was like a kennel, it was gray everywhere he touched, and everywhere he was dirty.

His wife’s clothes were always tucked into the cupboard, and they were always crumpled.

If she goes to work at 8:30, she must get up at 8:10, then grab a piece of clothing from the closet and put it on, rush to the bathroom and arrange it, put on the dirty shoes worn yesterday, and hurried out.

I do n’t even think about what to do after work, I always only make scrambled eggs with tomatoes, fried meat with carrots and steamed fish.

I remind her that we are not bachelors anymore. We should consider how to live a good life and suggest that she change her lifestyle. After hearing this, she either blushed with me or did not make sense. After we were married for 3 years, I stillDon’t dare to have children.

  Expert Comments: Housewife consciousness is closely related to housewife abilities, which in the final analysis involves how women play a good family role-mainly referring to the role of wife and mother.There is a saying: “To grasp the husband’s heart, first grasp the husband’s stomach.”

  Of course, this statement is too traditional, but it reveals some truth.

The effect of women with poor housekeeping or domestic management skills on their marriage and family life is self-evident.

“Getting out of the hall, entering the kitchen” should become a pursuit of modern women.

  Opinion Nine: Mr. Yueli ‘s biggest headache is that he discriminates at random. Since his wife has “exposure”, he has almost no privacy.

Mr. Yue Li and his wife work in the same bank and live in a bank dormitory. The social circle of the couple is mostly the same.

Originally, this was fine, but a wife who likes to show off privately, often made him very embarrassed, impulsive, and even thought of divorce.

  Mr. Yueli said that one day after the wedding, a colleague in the office suddenly asked Mr. Yueli to read an advertisement for beriberi in the newspaper, saying that his wife told her that his beriberi was very serious.

  Facing this concern of female colleagues, Mr. Yueli was embarrassed.

Afterwards, he reminded his wife not to tell the family about her. Although she agreed, she could not control her mouth again when she saw those “close friends” next time.

What made Mr. Yueli even more angry was that his wife even took out the private life between the couple and shared it with friends, making him unable to look up in front of others.

太太的不依不饶以及“圈中”男人的打趣、女人的玩笑,弄得他很不开心,他说:“我最希望的是,有人能治治我太太的‘露私癖’,这样我们Will live happier and more harmoniously.

“Expert comment: The family is the most private place, and marriage is the most private relationship.

Some women do not understand this, and like to “secret” in the middle of the home of the female companion, and even some incidents between husband and wife, and compare and evaluate each other, to some extent satisfying the psychological.

Actually this is very undesirable.

It “betrayed” both her husband and “betrayed” herself, “betrayed” the entire family.

It is often said that family is a warm harbor.

If personal privacy is not guaranteed, can marriage and family life still be warm?

  Opinion 10: Mr. Wang Haihao “surges the desire to control the husband” laments: It is too hard to live with a wife who “surges the desire to control the husband”!

Mr. Hai Hao is a wage earner. His monthly salary is turned over to his wife. Everything in the family is controlled by his wife.

Mr. Hao said: “When I need to buy outerwear, underwear, underwear, socks and shoes, she has to go out on her own, and even if I buy it with her, I have to obey her taste.

She gave me pocket money in her pocket, and she checked how much money was in my wallet every week and asked me where the money was.

A big man is generally difficult to remember every consumption, so I had to “hang” the unreportable money on the motorcycle oil.

  Last year I started preparing for a business. Social activities increased and expenses increased.

Every time I eat with someone, she asks who I pay for?

If I paid, tell her the exact amount.

And she also needs to know who I eat with and what we talk about?

It may be due to some kind of revenge. After I made my first business, I quietly saved some money without telling her, mainly to avoid her control.

But she turned around and found my partner and knew everything.

My disaster came and I had to confess to her.

Later, I told her truthfully: I did this because I wanted a small number of her controls, and I didn’t want to hinder my hands and feet.

But she determined that I had another attempt.

In her opinion: Now that she is married and has a common child, the two 1 / 2s add up to 1, so she must know everything about the other half-including some details.

I ca n’t accept her theory, and I ca n’t convince her. Our family life is struggling next to each other between this “control” and “anti-control”.

  Expert comment: “Controlling your husband’s desire” is a “common disease” in modern marriage.

There are many reasons for this “cause”: the wife is suspicious because of lack of self-confidence, worrying about “caring” her husband, defending from time to time because she is afraid of her “becoming bad”, etc.

The person who “controls the desire” is not only the husband, but also the stabbing-she is in a state of worry and tension at any time and cannot control herself.

There is a saying: “The Tao is one foot high, and the magic is one foot high.”

“Control” and “anti-control” will not cease. Why not be a wise master, and let your husband become a “free man” happily and willingly in your field of vision?