Recommend several common ways to eat Ejiao

Recommend several common ways to eat Ejiao

1. Add two pieces of donkey-hide gelatin, add yellow wine and donkey-hide gelatin, soak for one day, add 100ml of water, insert into the penetrating pot, cover with water and steam for about 40 minutes, and take it out after it has completely dissolved.

Take 2 spoons twice a day with a moderate amount of water.

  2. Milk infusion.

Crush the gelatin into a fine powder, take 3 grams each time and put it into the milk cup, stir while adding, so that the gelatin powder fully replaces the milk, warm, sweet and soft, with a long aftertaste.

  3, 500g of red dates are cooked, excess water is added, 500g of Dong’e Ejiao is added, the solution melts, sticks to the dates, and edible red dates can also be used.

  4. For those suffering from backache, cold, tinnitus, deafness and yang deficiency or kidney deficiency, the following methods can be used: 250g of Dong’e Ejiao, smashed, 350ml of rice wine, soaked for 1-2 days, sponge-like, slightly add waterStew, add black sesame, walnut kernels (after cooking, smash into beans), add 250g rock sugar, steam for 1 hour and keep stirring, cool and freeze, 12 spoons each morning and evening, warm water can be taken.

If the patient has both Qi deficiency and fatigue, it can be supplemented with ginseng decoction or ginseng powder, and those with heart palpitations and chills can be mixed with longan meat. The method is the same as before. Just join.

For those who have weak spleen and stomach and indigestion, they can add 2030g decoction of Chenpi during preparation to strengthen the function of spleen and stomach.

  The iron content of longan and cinnamon round meat is about 3.9 milligrams per 100 grams. It is also quite rich in iron in fruits. It can be used in the diet of anemia. Generally, soup and porridge are suitable.

However, longan meat is warm food and is not suitable for pregnant women and children.

  Mulberry dried mulberry is currently the most abundant natural iron in fruits and their products, containing 42.5 milligrams of iron per 100 grams, worthy of the title of “blood tonic fruit” in fruits.

It is generally recommended to eat dried mulberry porridge. Consuming a bowl of mulberry porridge daily can not only provide blood and beauty, but pregnant women should use it with caution.

  Among the dried dates, black dates and candied dates are the most admired. Their iron content per 100 grams is between 3.7 and 3.9 millimeters. They can also be considered as good products in blood supplements. Dried dates are also rich in vitamin C and vitamins.C is an important factor to promote the absorption of iron ions, so that the body’s absorption of iron is more effective.

However, dried dates are rich in dietary fiber, which is not good for digestion, so it is not recommended to eat more daily, and it is best to cook soup and porridge.

  Purple raisins Purple grapes are good fruits for blood.

After the grapes are dried, the iron content is 9.1 mg per 100 g.

Moreover, during the drying process, grape skins are retained instead of grape skins (the nutrition content of grape skins far exceeds the pulp), which is also conducive to the retention of some stable nutrients in raisins, such as iron, zinc, manganese, proteins, antioxidants.