Happy men do not turn over old accounts

Happy men do not “turn over old accounts”

After the woman “successfully”, in order to love and home, do everything possible to keep these secrets, not to “destruct the Great Wall” in front of her husband.
However, after reading some novels and film and television works, it is inevitable that he will be seated on the account, worrying that “the deception of love” will become a time bomb and affect the stability of marriage.
In fact, whether the past will become a bomb or whether a man will remember and hate his life will still depend on whether you really love him.
  Zhang Dong, a psychologist at Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, said that for many men, if they live happily after marriage and love each other, then even if they know that their wives have used some small means in order to obtain themselves, they will not be too concerned about it.
For some men, if they have a happy life and want to “turn over their old accounts”, it is very likely that they have made excuses for his extramarital affairs. Women do not have to blame themselves too much, but they should think about how to restore their husband’s heart.
  Faced with a marriage crisis, a smart wife should take the initiative to change the disadvantages to herself, understand her husband more, and be more tolerant and tolerant in marriage.
In “Twenty Years of Love”, Lin Yue did just that. She made her life more fulfilling, instead of repeatedly entanglement Zhiming, but let him find the so-called “true love”, and eventually Zhiming returned to the family.
  Turning back to those two “love scams”, some women should be warned.
One is that Xin Liu used the radical method to pretend to break up with Zhiming.
Seemingly concerned about him, it actually shows her lack of confidence in love and added conditions to love. Deep down, she still cares about Zhiming’s status as a worker.
In contrast, Lin Yue firmly believes that Zhiming is a “outstanding stock”. Whether this man can succeed or not is the goal she pursues. For such a simple purpose, she added skills to the love offensive and hid at a critical moment.That letter was raised, and she lied that the review materials were helped by her to find, as always, pursue and support Zhiming, and eventually established a family with him.
In the face of true love, does this small fault seem irrelevant?