Let children develop proper eye habits

Let children develop proper eye habits

If the eyes are not used properly during school age, vision is easily damaged.

In myopia patients, a small number of people are caused by genetic factors, and most of them are acquired. For some, poor eye hygiene is the real culprit.

For example, the reading time for close reading is too long, the reading lighting is improper, the distance is too close, and the reading posture is incorrect.

  The visual impairment of children, especially the incidence of myopia, is increasing year by year, which has caused the concern of the whole society.

  People always think that primary and secondary school is the period of high incidence of myopia. In fact, this is also the best prevention period for myopia.

  As long as the timing is taken and the measures are taken properly, the incidence of myopia will definitely decrease.

  Allow children to develop correct eye habits: 1. The reading time should not be too long every day, and rest for 10 minutes after reading for 1 hour each time; 2, the lighting light should come from vertical, the brightness of the 30-40W table lamp is appropriate; 3, raisingEstablish good eating habits, correct partial eclipse, eat less candy and high sugar foods, supplement protein, calcium, vitamins A, D, E and other nutrients, do eye exercises every night before going to bed, self-massage acupuncture points around the eyeSkin and muscles, enhance blood circulation in the eyes, relieve eye fatigue, and prevent myopia.

  4, reading distance is generally not less than 30cm; 5, correct reading posture, do not sleep in bed, read books while walking or riding; 6, actively participate in sports, ensure sleep time 8-10 hours.

  Developing proper eye habits is a better way to prevent myopia.

Especially for teenagers, do more outdoor activities to avoid serious eye fatigue.