Xiaoman Health Recipes Help You Spleen and Wet

Xiaoman Health Recipes Help You Spleen and Wet

After Xiaoman, the rain began to grow and the weather was sweltering and hot.

According to experts, the human body’s spleen is “hidden, dry, damp, and wet”, and is most affected by “wet evil”. Many southerners will experience symptoms of loss of appetite, bloating, diarrhea, and other symptoms as soon as the rainy season arrives.Weakness, drowsiness, weak body, do not want to drink water, tongue greasy white or yellow greasy, etc., Chinese medicine is called “wet evil in resistance”.

Therefore, Xiaoman’s health should pay attention to spleen and dampness.

Here are a few recipes for this solar term.

You may wish to cook in your spare time, while enjoying the delicious food, and promote a healthier body.

  青椒炒鸭块:  [配料]青椒150克,鸭脯肉200克,鸡蛋1个,黄酒、盐、干淀粉、鲜汤、味精、水淀粉、植物油各适量。  [Methods]Duck breast meat is cut into 2 inches long and 6 minutes wide, washed with water and then dried; the eggs are cleared and dried starch, and the salt is mixed with the duck pieces to mix and sizing.Wash the pedicle and slice.

  After the pan is hot, add oil and simmer until it is 40% hot. Put the duck slices into a pan and scatter with a spoon. When the eight slices are ripe, add the green peppers. After the duck slices are cooked, pour the oil into a colander.

  Leave a small amount of oil in the pot, add salt, wine, fresh soup, and boil until boiled. Then pour duck slices and green peppers, stir in water starch, stir fry a few times and serve.

  芹菜拌豆腐:  [配料]芹菜150克,豆腐1块,食盐、味精、香油个少许。  [Method]Cut the celery into small pieces, cut the tofu into small cubes, simmer them with boiling water, cool them with cold boiling water after removing, and control the water for use.

  Stir celery and tofu, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil and stir well.

  [Efficacy]Pinggan clears heat, dampens and detoxifies.

  [Features]Cool and delicious, summer dishes.

  白鲫滚荷包蛋:  [配料]白鲫鱼500克、鸡蛋3个、生姜3片、胡椒粉适量。  [Methods]Wash the white sturgeon, fry it slowly until it is slightly yellow, splash it with water and scoop it up; fry the eggs into a poached egg shape, scoop it up; add oil and stir-fry the ginger slices, add 1250 ml of water (5 bowls),The simmering boil, boil the white mullet for a while, pour the poached eggs, and sprinkle the appropriate amount of salt and pepper after boiling.

  [功效]祛湿开胃  冬瓜草鱼煲:  [配料]冬瓜500克,草鱼250克,食盐、味精、植物油适量。  [Method]Peel the melon, wash and cut the triangular pieces, cut the grass carp, and leave the tail to wash for later use.

First fry the grass carp (with tail) to golden brown with oil, take a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water to it, add the fish and winter melon together into the casserole, first boil the fire, and simmer for about 2 hours with gentle fire, seeWhite, add salt, MSG seasoning and serve.

  [Efficacy]Pinggan, Qufeng, dampness and heat.

  [Efficacy]The spleen is warmed in the middle, and the swelling is diuretic.

  荸荠冰糖藕羹:  [配料]荸荠250克,藕150克,冰糖适量。  [Method]Wash and peel, wash and cut into small pieces.

Add the right amount of water to the casserole, add the ravioli and ravioli into the pot and simmer for 20 minutes. Add the rock sugar and simmer for 10 minutes.

  [Efficacy]clearing away heat and dampness, strengthening the spleen and appetizing, reducing diarrhea and strengthening essence.