Women’s white-collar fashion health has a trap (Figure)

Women’s white-collar “fashion health” has a trap (Figure)

There is new content released every day in fashion. White-collar workers who pay attention to the quality of life often receive it all, but sometimes they unknowingly move away from a healthy life.
  Take a look at the following fashion, and then listen to what the TCM health experts say. In contrast, which one is your wrong insistence?
  时尚之一:洗肠、断食,排毒养颜  时尚理由:许多明星都坚持洗肠美容,目的是让自己的身体里没有宿便,不蓄积毒素,避免了社交场合的尴尬,皮肤也会变得透明有Gloss, better than pure topical cosmetics.
  People who are not accustomed to this method can choose to detoxify by fasting, that is, one day of the week without meals, eating only fruit or drinking honey water, can also play a role in eliminating toxins from the body.
  Reason for subversion: Traditional Chinese medicine also talks about detoxification. In addition to the normal detoxification, defecation, and sweating, the ancients even said that the detoxification was bleeding in spring and autumn.Paralysis eventually leads to some human-induced diseases.
Fasting and detoxification methods also vary from person to person.
Some people have a cold spleen and stomach, and flatulence can occur in the stomach when eating cool things such as fruits.
If you are an overloaded worker, if you do n’t eat when you should eat, your body will have symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, and low blood sugar, which will affect your health.
  Fashion No. 2: Natural is good. Fashion reasons: In modern society, there is too much pollution. Natural food and skin care products are not contaminated, so they are good for human health.
The most typical is aloe vera, which is both a healthy food and a beauty product.
  Reasons for subversion: Aloe does have a lot of magical and wonderful effects on the human body, but there are more than 500 varieties of aloe, only a dozen of which can be used as medicines, and only a few varieties that can be eaten.
Experts warn that the aloe emodin contained in aloe has the effect of “releasing laxative”, which can easily lead to diarrhea.
Different varieties of aloe have great differences in medicinal properties and efficacy. People with different constitutions will have different effects when using aloe.
  Fashion No. 3: Brush your teeth immediately after meals. Fashion reasons: Having a clean and tidy tooth is not only the basis of physical health, but also makes people feel confident in social situations.
After working meals, when others are busy on tractors or shopping together, you can easily take out your toothbrush.
Fashionable and alternative!
  Reason for subversion: The latest research by dental experts believes that brushing your teeth immediately after meals is harmful to dental health.
There is a layer of enamel on the surface of the tooth crown. If you have just eaten rice, especially if you eat acidic food, it will make the enamel soft.
Brushing your teeth at this time can easily cause enamel damage.
Over time, the tooth’s enamel gradually decreases, which can easily cause people to suffer from dental allergy, and the teeth will have symptoms of acidity and pain when eating.
Therefore, dentistry experts advise that it is best to rinse your mouth with water after eating and wait for 1-2 hours before brushing your teeth.