It’s very stressful to take traditional Chinese medicine in summer.


It’s very stressful to take traditional Chinese medicine in summer.

Different from the western medicine of the finished product, in the summer, the Chinese herbal medicine should involve the frying and storage of the medicinal materials and the liquid medicine. Otherwise, once the medicinal materials and the liquid medicine are deteriorated, the mold and the medicine can not cure the disease, and may affect the efficacy and even endanger the health of the patient.

Whether it is suitable for soup in summer, how to store the liquid, expert statement.

銆€銆€Whether the season of eating soup is only a reference factor, often a lot of acne on the body, taking the summer vacation to see Chinese medicine, the doctor gave her a few Chinese medicine to let her take.

I haven’t taken the medicine yet, and Chang Ling has made a mistake in my heart: Is it so hot, will Chinese medicine get angry?

Your stomach is not good. Will eating Chinese medicine hurt your stomach?

銆€銆€Wang Fengjie, deputy director of the Pharmacy Department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the view that eating Chinese medicine in the summer would get angry is biased. Chinese medicine also has cold, heat, warm and cool, some medicines are warm, someThe medicine has heat-clearing properties, some medicines can diarrhea, some medicines can regulate yin and yang. There are many Chinese medicines suitable for summer, Shengmaiyin, Sangju drink, Wuwei disinfection drink can clear the heat and heat, cool the skin, not only after takingIt won’t get angry but it can cure the fire itself.

銆€銆€For some patients with snoring, most of them are caused by wind, cold, dampness and heat exogenous invasion of the joints. In summer, the disease will be mainly relieved. According to the theory of winter disease and summer treatment, in addition to supplementing Wenyang, dispelling cold and dehumidificationIn addition to the acupoint application of Tongluo’s drugs, some doctors will add drugs such as spleen and warming to the soup of the chest sputum to supplement the operation of the kidney yang acceleration fluid, and use the moisture to disperse through the operation of the body fluid.Go out.

銆€銆€Some doctors believe that it is not appropriate to take tonic soup in summer, but for patients with yang deficiency and qi deficiency, they can also be supplemented under the guidance of a doctor.

It can be said that the key to taking the soup is based on the patient’s constitution. The season can only be used as a reference factor. The patient can appropriately increase the dosage according to the season under the guidance of a doctor.

銆€銆€Low-temperature short-term savings, expansion of the bag, change of taste, and then taking dysmenorrhea is Ms. Lan’s old problem. She was so painful that she could not work properly every time she came to the holiday.

After the introduction, she found an old Chinese doctor. After understanding the condition of Ms. Lan, the old Chinese doctor gave her some Chinese medicine, so she would start taking it three days before the next vacation.

Suspected that she was suffering from decocting, Ms. Lan asked the hospital pharmacy to put the vacuum-packed Chinese medicine decoction in the living room and prepare it according to the doctor’s prescription.

Four or five days later, when Ms. Lan opened the bag and prepared to put it in, she found that the liquid had deteriorated. This made Ms. Lan regret it: a few hundred dollars was a white flower!

銆€銆€Traditional Chinese medicines in hospitals or pharmacies are generally sealed in vacuum. The storage time is relatively long, but the high temperature in summer is relatively high. It is best to store the liquid in the refrigerator. The storage time should not exceed seven days.Take more bags of Chinese medicine and take it home slowly.

If the liquid medicine bag bulges or the liquid smells, and there is a bubble, the liquid may have deteriorated. It is best not to take it.

銆€銆€When you take your own medicine, take one medicine twice a day (frost once in the morning and fry again in the evening).

According to Wang Fengjie, the patient can no longer fry like this in the summer, or after a proper frying, add the second dose of water to the evening and take it in the evening. The fried medicinal juice should be placed in the refrigerator at low temperature for storage.Self-decoction of traditional Chinese medicine decoction is generally not recommended for overnight use.

Some people put the medicine in the refrigerator and the brakes are extended for a long time. This is not appropriate.

Put the medicinal materials together with other foods, and the various bacteria are easy to invade the medicinal materials, and the humidity in the refrigerator is high, and the medicinal materials are also susceptible to moisture and mildew.

In summer, the air humidity is relatively high. It is best to place the medicine in a dry and ventilated place, and the humidity should not be too high.

銆€銆€Eat less cold and warm and correct diet to ensure that the effect of Ms. Huang has rheumatoid arthritis. After entering the summer, she is very happy because the weather is not hot.

According to the doctor’s advice, she bought a few Chinese medicines to consolidate the treatment in order to alleviate the symptoms in winter.

In recent days, she has been meeting with several friends and eating too many barbecues. She began to get angry.

銆€銆€In the hot summer, many people like to drink cold beer, eat barbecue and seafood, but for those who are taking Chinese medicine, these eating habits are very inappropriate.

Luo Fengping, chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, reminded that cold food such as cold beer is cold and cold. It is easy to damage the spleen and stomach after eating, and should be eaten less when taking soup.

Summer yang, and then eat barbecue, spicy, Xin Wen food is easy to yang on the yang caused by the fire, so it is not suitable to eat during the medication, so as not to affect the efficacy.

At the same time, coffee, tea and other beverages contain substances such as acid, which also have an effect on the efficacy of the drug, and should be staggered with the time of taking the soup.

Different diseases have different diets. Patients should consult a doctor before taking the medicine to avoid aggravating the disease or reducing the efficacy of the drug due to improper diet.