15 marriage advice for divorced men

15 marriage advice for divorced men

If your love is that you enjoy more rights, and the other party has to fulfill more obligations, then you must try to change it. Love is also suitable for economic laws, and a win-win situation will last.

Come to the divorce man’s advice to you!

  Advice 1: Don’t try men often, don’t threaten them with breakups. When you give him such hints often, his subconscious will plan to break up.

  Advice 2: Don’t expand your rights without restriction because a man loves you. Don’t interfere with his ideals, beliefs and pursuits. He must have some characteristics that you don’t understand.

  Advice 3: Don’t be late often, don’t think that a man loves you, he should have infinite patience, a person’s patience is limited, and when the patience is spent, love will be consumed.

  Advice 4: Don’t believe in the phrase “You love me, you should know what I want”, this is a complete nonsense, no one will know exactly what the other person thinks.

It is foolish for men to not love your imitations because men do not know your thoughts in time.

  Advice 5: Don’t often ask men to accompany you to shop. Few men really like shopping, and the final result of forcing is resistance.

  Advice 6: What men do for girls when they are in love, don’t expect him to continue in the future, smart girls usually get 50% off.

  Advice 7: Don’t try to change a man, don’t think that he will become your ideal male under your training, and it is wiser to adapt to him than to change him.

  Advice No. 8: Don’t be overconfident in your charm. Few men will bear it forever. Few men can come and go, unless this man loves you with no motivation.

  Advice IX: Don’t use this kind of thinking to guide your love-look for evidence in a man’s words and deeds that he doesn’t love you.

  A man cannot put strength on a woman at all times, nor can he notice every hint and displeasure of a woman.

When you use a magnifying glass to find dust, you will always get it.

  Advice ten: When a man is thinking, try not to disturb him. Sometimes he also needs the joy of being alone, which does not prove that he does not love you.

  Advice 11: If a man is close to you, don’t hurt his self-esteem. Whether in front of others or alone, hurt is hurt, whether he loves you or not.

  Advice 12: Don’t compare your man with other men, don’t say that he is not as romantic or considerate as others.

Everyone is special and the way of love is different. It is often said that anticipating love becomes a psychological burden.

  Advice 13: Always keep a bit of mystery in front of men, don’t reveal everything to your man 100%, you will be anorectic without being grateful if you are too full.

  Advice 14: Don’t expect to get men by sex. This is the least reliable way to capture men, because love has nothing to do with the body.

  Advice 15: Love is a magnetic field, not a rope, and catching him is better to attract him.

A rope can make men have a desire to break free, but a magnetic field can give men the illusion of freedom and an eternal temptation.