6 tricks to make daily bathing healthier

6 tricks to make daily bathing healthier

After a tiring day outside, not only the body is tired, but even the spirit is tired. It is most comfortable to return home to take a comfortable bath and give your body and mind a good vacation.

  We only know that the benefit of bathing is that it can temporarily relieve us from stress.

But ladies and gentlemen, do you know that we can do some simple exercises while we are bathing?

In this way, we can not only achieve the effect of fitness, but also enjoy the joy of bathing, and we can also relax our mood and adjust our emotions.

  Of course, today ‘s bathing exercise is not a physical exhaustion, it ‘s just some very simple, simple actions that ca n’t be simpler.

  However, you should not underestimate these small movements. Although their amplitude is not large, they seem to be playing, but the effect on your health is not ordinary.

As long as you persist, you can definitely achieve a healthy goal. At that time, you don’t have to worry about repetitive work and you will not have time to exercise.


Sports slapping in the shower-speed up limb relaxation, increase shower comfort, slapping limbs has a great effect of dredging the meridians, which has been described in detail in my book “Meridian Pat Health Method”, but if you slapp naked, It is more labor-saving and efficient, resetting the heat of water when showering, the effect is better.

You can pat the upper limbs first, with the palm side down, and the back side of the hand upwards, pat three times back and forth, and then pat the shoulders, 30 times left and right; pat the belly chest from bottom to top, 30 for eachTimes.

Showering and flapping will accelerate the relaxation of the limbs and increase the shower comfort.

  Turn your hands back to the neck-relieve the stiffness of the neck and shoulders, and eliminate muscle fatigue. During the shower, force your hands behind your back and cross them. The body does not move, only slowly turn your head and neck to the left and right to the maximum extent, 20-30 times.It is good for relieving neck and shoulder stiffness and eliminating muscle fatigue.

  Finger Comb-Improve the blood circulation of the scalp and hair roots, so as to protect the hair. During the process of shampooing and showering, you can press the abdomen of your fingers slightly and comb the hair from front to back, which is helpful to improve the blood of the scalp and hair roots.Circulation, thus protecting hair.

  Whole body moisture-eliminate fatigue Before the shower, you can do whole body up and down, left and right movements for 1-2 minutes, increasing the effect of body relaxation during washing, so that fatigue can be completely eliminated.


The legs are suspended in the bath while bathing-to help increase the strength of the abdominal muscles and reduce the abdomen. Slightly recline in the hot water with the headrest on the edge of the bath. Hold your hands on both sides of the bath and lift your legs flat.About 45 °, you can do it 20-30 times repeatedly, or you can stand still for 1-2 minutes and repeat it 3-4 times.

If the habit is formed, it will have an effect on the strength of abdominal muscles and reduce minor complications in the abdomen.

  Double palms push the abdomen-improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract and reduce abdominal pain, recline on the back, soak in hot water, headrest on the edge of the bath, put the palms on the abdomen, press the clockwise, counterclockwise slightly to press the abdomen successively100 times each, it is good for improving gastrointestinal function and reducing the mildness of the abdomen.