Watch out for nail problems

Watch out for nail problems

Nails have recently caused an increase in the number of patients with bacterial and fungal infections on the surface of the skin.

People who love beauty should pay attention to the health status of nails, so as not to cause health hazards due to unclean nails, etc., and cause bacterial or fungal infection on the skin surface.

  Small stalls offering nail services are everywhere.

A few waiters, sets of tables and chairs, and a few small files make up a manicure stand.

For different customers, the manicurist uses the same tools, and it is difficult to achieve “one customer, one disinfection”.

Disinfection of nail tools is just a matter of wiping them before use, or scrubbing with alcohol cotton balls.

Such a disinfection method and a nail program have a hidden risk of bacterial and fungal infection on the skin surface. Nail tools that have not undergone strict disinfection have the health hazards of infections such as hand ringworm and onychomycosis.

If some people suffer from eczema, it is expected that the tools used will spread to others without disinfection.

  In addition, the nail surface has a layer of material like tooth enamel, which can protect the nail from corrosion, but after the nail surface is polished and thinned, its protection is weakened, the nail will become soft and brittle, and the bacteria will easily invade the size, Nails easily absorb foreign substances.

If long-term absorption of nail polish containing lead, arsenic and other heavy metals exceeds the standard, part of the nail polish chemicals will be absorbed by the skin. The potential hazard is that it may cause contact dermatitis, and the deep hazard may be carcinogenic.

  Healthy nails look ruddy, smooth and shiny.

Although nail art feels fashionable and looks very beautiful, it can add a touch of beauty to young and beautiful women, but for the health of nails, especially the body, people who love beauty should avoid making articles on nails.