Things to watch out for in patients with hyperthyroidism

Things to watch out for in patients with hyperthyroidism

(1) Learn to relax and don’t stress yourself too much.

Maybe it ‘s because I do n’t know how to cherish myself, and my body is prone to protest.

  (2) Women who have a pregnancy plan should discuss with their physician first to determine the timing and whether or not to adjust the treatment.

  (3) Eat less irritating foods, especially coffee and tea, to avoid palpitations and hand tremors.

  (4) Reduce the intake of foods containing iodine, such as kelp, nori, laver, etc.

Avoid using iodized salts or use non-iodized salts instead.

  (5) Be careful with warming supplements and dietary remedies with high iodine content.

  Patients with hyperthyroidism have a certain type of contraindication to their diet: Some patients had clinically normal thyroid function control, but they still had palpitations and insomnia. It was known to the patient that they had eaten ginger ducks, Shiquan Dabu soup and other winter supplements, Help the body to become hot (red tongue, yellow tongue coating, dry mouth).

In addition, some patients seek remedies for treatment from the beginning, and use kelp, kelp, and algae with high iodine content.

  The patient’s diet is especially important during the hyperthyroidism regimen.

Because patients with hyperthyroidism have hypermetabolism, their nutrient requirements have increased significantly. If nutritional supplementation is inadequate, weight loss will be more pronounced, and even symptoms similar to advanced cancer will appear. Therefore, it is very important to eat properly.

  Patients’ diet should be supplemented from the following aspects: conversion of daily eating, at least 2400 kcal for men and at least 2,000 kcal for women.

Eat more high-protein foods, young patients need to eat more trace foods, eat more vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, eat less spicy things, such as peppers, onions, ginger, garlic and so on.

Eat less iodine-rich foods, such as kelp, sea shrimp, and sea fish.

Try not to smoke, drink alcohol, and drink strong tea and coffee. Patients pay special attention to self-regulation of psychological emotions and mental living standards, maintain a comfortable mood, happy spirit, stable mood, avoid wind and cold, overwork, and high fever.

  Patients with hyperthyroidism should pay attention to the period of medication and diet: 1, taboo spicy food: spicy seeds, raw onions, raw garlic; 2, taboo seafood: kelp, sea shrimp, belt fish; 3, taboo strong tea, coffee, tobacco and alcohol; 4,Keep calm and avoid fatigue.