The way of health stems from letting nature – health three sentences


The way of health stems from letting nature – health three sentences

I am often asked: Why are you always young at all times?

What are the secrets of health care?

銆€銆€The reason is actually very simple. I have been learning Chinese medicine since I was a child, so I like natural and natural things. The things that conform to the right place are good things for health.

So I summed up the truth: the way to health comes from letting go!

That is to comply with the laws that nature should have.

A little more carefully, you can separate three sentences: everything comes from health; health comes from happiness; happiness goes with the flow.

銆€銆€Why do you say “everything comes from health”?

Young people’s academic career is booming, and they are struggling, what is it?

It is a healthy body.

The elderly are frustrated for a lifetime, working hard, wanting to spend their old age, enjoying the happy sunset, what is it?

Still a healthy body!

銆€銆€Establishing the concept of health first has an important impact on people’s lives.

It can be said that the sooner people realize this, the more they will benefit.

銆€銆€Understanding health, understanding health is not just an old age, health is equally important for young people and middle-aged people, and even more important!

Because everyone is the pillar and hope of the country, if the pillars and hopes are so weak, then what career and development?

銆€銆€There is a good metaphor. Many people may have heard that all the great goals of life, money, career, level, glory, happy marriage, family fun, etc., are all 鈥?鈥? and health is 鈥?鈥?”Without this “1”, what more is the meaning of “0” after that?”

Once this “1” falls, it does not exist, will the “0” behind it exist?

銆€銆€In order to learn to maintain health, we must start with the concept of establishing a healthy supremacy, and really hang the string of “health” from the heart.

It is very important to know health and be healthy!

銆€銆€How can health come from happiness?

Of course, I tell you: Where does health come from, it is from happiness, and happiness can be healthy.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” has long said: To be healthy and longevity, the first thing to do is to “dark and empty, no desire.”

What does that mean?

The meaning is that everything that looks faint is not so much, don’t want too much desire, learn to enjoy peace and peace.

This way you will not be troubled by troubled things. If you have less trouble, you will be more happy, always happy, and the body will naturally be healthy.

銆€銆€From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the seven emotions are important pathogenic factors, and the emotions are sorrowful and sorrowful. These seven emotions are too strong or too late, and they will cause different visceral diseases.

For example, anger and hurt the liver; too happy to hurt; think excessively hurt the spleen and stomach, affecting diet and digestion; sadness and sorrow, lungs, consumption of lung; panic and kidney injury, severe can cause kidney qi deficiency.

銆€銆€In order to avoid these diseases, it is a good way to maintain the peace and quiet of the state of mind and prevent the seven emotions. This is what Chinese medicine calls “regulating emotions.”

銆€銆€From the perspective of modern medicine, when certain adverse emotions or adverse psychological factors often appear, it can significantly affect normal cell division and glandular secretion, leading to abnormal cells and endocrine mutations, causing a variety of diseases, including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Diseases, endocrine diseases, immune diseases, metabolic diseases, and even cancer.

銆€銆€”The trouble is born to force”, what is the demand?

Strong demand is impossible to achieve, hard to do, maybe you will say: The current social competition is so fierce, how do you not work hard?

It doesn’t matter if you want to do anything. It’s not easy to see everything as light. It’s almost impossible to ask for nothing.

銆€銆€The “virtuality and ignorance” that I am talking about is not to make people not enterprising and to stop, but to hope that everyone will learn to be content with life, to look at life with a natural and natural attitude, to treat things, to adjust their mentality, and to make usThe trajectory of life can always maintain a relatively good cycle state.

銆€銆€Health and longevity should pay attention to cultivating an open-minded and optimistic attitude towards life. If things are not smooth and unsatisfactory, they must be able to see, be able to afford, let go, and pass.

Don’t compete with yourself, compete with life, don’t compete with others, seek things in people, and be in heaven!

銆€銆€Middle-aged people should be more open-minded, not always worried about their feelings.

The deeper the grievances, the heavier the depression.
Depressed and accumulated in the body, the damage to the body is great, and the afterlife is endless.
銆€銆€The elderly should learn more about the “big belly Maitreya Buddha”, with a broad-mindedness, a smile on life, no food, no competition, as long as they contend for “shunqi pills.”

The children and grandchildren can surround the knees and enjoy the happiness of the family; if they can’t serve the other side, they must look at them and let them go.

銆€銆€The mood is refreshing, all diseases are gone, the blood pressure is tight, no dizziness, sleep is fragrant; bad mood, high blood pressure, many nightmares, panic, chest nausea, maybe the cardiovascular is blocked, the cerebral blood vessels are broken.

銆€銆€In general, you must learn to be open-minded, happy and unhappy, all in your decision, not to be left or right, so as to maintain a stable mentality, in order to achieve longevity.

Regardless of young people, middle-aged people, and the elderly, you must take advantage of the situation, seek happiness, keep a quiet state of mind, enjoy peace, be happy, and be healthy.