Celery diet can treat diabetes and hypertension

Celery diet can treat diabetes and hypertension

Celery is divided into cress and arid celery.

The celery referred to in this article is dry celery.

Chinese medicine believes that celery is sweet and cold.

It has the effect of dispersing silt, reducing swelling and detoxifying, reducing blood pressure and dizziness.

Celery root has the effect of clearing heat and dampness.

Pay attention to avoid chickens and rabbits during treatment.

  Headache: take an appropriate amount of celery root, wash and smash fried eggs to eat.

  Diabetes: Take 500 grams of celery, wash, chop, smash, boil and add sugar to serve.

  Urine and blood: Wash celery, chopped, smashed and juiced, stewed hot, 60 grams each time, 3 times a day.

Usually 2-3 days can be cured.

You should also avoid spicy food.

  Hypertension: Wash the roots of raw celery, smash and squeeze the juice, add equal amount of honey to serve.

Serving 3 times a day, 40 ml each time.

  Celery juice should be prepared daily and should not be heated.

This method should also avoid garlic, shallots, onions, tofu and steamed buns.