[How to drink matcha powder]_How to drink_How to drink

[How to drink matcha powder]_How to drink_How to drink

Everyone knows how tea is brewed and brewed. Tea culture has a long history in developing countries. Tea has always been a favorite drink.

With the change of life now, there have been many changes in tea. Matcha is a special fine powder made from processed tea. Nowadays, matcha can be made into a lot of matcha foods. These matcha foods have a light tea flavor.
How to make matcha powder and drink it directly?

First use a bit of boiling water to adjust the cream, that is, add a little water to the matcha powder to make a fine paste without agglomerated particles, then slowly add a little water to gradually adjust the liquid, and finally add all the boiling water you want to pour.

Do not mix with cold water, it will accelerate the oxidation and discoloration of matcha.

If you do not mix the pulp, there will be a lot of cakes with water flushing.

After drinking the matcha, drink it as soon as possible. After cooling, it will condense on the bottom of the water and form a layer that cannot be washed away.

If you want to make something, you can try making sponge cake or Qi Feng, biscuits or soft toast. It is not suitable for making it too sweet and sweet, and it is best with matcha.

One of the simplest ways to eat matcha powder is stir-fried matcha ice. Xiaoxiang likes it most. Take out the ice cubes from the refrigerator in the summer, add an appropriate amount of matcha powder and rock sugar, and mix together in the cooking machine.Come out with a cup of summer heat and quench your thirst-matcha tea fried with ice!

Method two is then the matcha ice cream ball. In the above step, after the smoothie is broken, there will be water in the cup. Add an ice cream ball and taste it. Then you have the matcha ice cream ball. Method three and matcha coffee, of whichMake a cup of original coffee, pour the milk with a blender and pour in the coffee, then pour in the appropriate amount of matcha powder, and use your chopsticks to draw the pattern you like!

The fourth method is the matcha cake that everyone often eats, and the cooking of the cake will not be described in detail. The main secret is to mix the dry tea with the dry flour first. In the broken egg yolk, you can also beat the egg yolk first.Spread, then add matcha powder and stir well.

Do not add the cake mix until it is ready.

At that time, the rhythm was not good. Method 5 Matcha buns.

Add matcha powder, flour, yeast, caster sugar to water and flour.

Ferment for 15-30 minutes after mixing the noodles (depending on the season, the hot fermentation will be fast).

Then take out the noodles, cut into pieces, and steam them up.