Natural skin care is all the rage

Natural skin care is all the rage

Women generally love to use cosmetics, and Japanese women have recently advocated “salt beauty”.

  The use of salt for beauty can remove the accumulated oil, acne, pores, and “blackheads” exposed on the skin, as well as keratin and dirt on the skin surface.

Generally, after a week of salt beauty, the skin can show a fresh and transparent feeling.

  The salt cosmetic method can promote the metabolism of the whole body’s skin, and it can help to improve the self-care effect.

The salt cosmetic method is easy to recover: put a spoonful of fine salt in the palm of your hand and add two or three drops of water, and carefully stir the salt and water with your fingertips.

After washing your face, use your fingertips to apply saline, and apply it from top to bottom, from the top to the bottom of the vagina. Apply a circular massage while applying, 3-5 times per massage.

When the salt water on the beach is dry and white powder, wash the salt powder with warm water, rinse the salt with tap water, and finally apply nutrient solution or nutrition milk.

Every morning and evening after washing your face.

  If you want to enhance the vitality of the whole body, you can use a pinch of fine salt and add an appropriate amount of water after bathing, and then apply the saline to the whole body in turn, and massage the body 4 to 5 times.

After the brine is dry, the person lies in warm water and soaks for a few minutes.

In this way, the dirt in the pores is removed by the salt.

Finally, rinse with water.

  Applying fine salt with saline beauty.

For oily skin, use salt and water alone. For dry skin, put a spoon of gypsum or weak oily massage cream in the left palm, add half a spoon of table salt and an appropriate amount of water. Be careful not to apply saline around the eyesSo as not to stain the eye and conjunctiva.