Storytelling Addition and Subtraction within 10

Storytelling Addition and Subtraction within 10

When teaching children the addition and subtraction operation within 10, you can compose some small stories, let the children participate in it, and unknowingly learn the operation.

Moreover, every time the child shows a very strong interest in such a small story, it is very easy to learn addition and subtraction.

  For example, to learn the addition and subtraction of 8, I compiled a small story that often interacted with the child, asked each other, and even asked the child to compile the story: The little monkey wants to buy 8 apples for his grandma.

When it came to the market, it was tempting to see red apples, and green apples were also good. So, I bought a few of them.

(Buy 5 red apples, how many green apples?

The little monkey carried the box containing 8 apples and walked to his grandmother’s house cheerfully.

I collided with the piglet on the road and knocked down an apple. They didn’t know it.

(How many apples are left?

The little pig is a good friend of the little monkey. It’s nice to see the little monkey.

The piglet said that he was thirsty, and the little monkey gave the piglet an apple to quench his thirst.

(How many apples are left at this time?

) Seeing the piglet eat apples with great interest, the little monkey also wanted to eat, so it took an apple and ate it.

(How many apples are left at this time?
) Suddenly, there was a roar of a lion behind him: The roar is not good, the lion saw the little monkey, run away!

The little monkey ran forward with the box, and the apple in the box crackled out.

  After finally running to grandma’s house, the lion did not chase after him, and the little monkey finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The little monkey gave the apple to his grandma, but he looked into the box: Hey?

Why are there only 2 apples left?

  Grandma laughed after hearing what the monkey was saying on the way.

Grandma said to the little monkey: You are here the best gift!

  That’s it, the story is over.

From time to time during the lecture, I still let the child count the number of apples, and later the encounter with the lion was also made up by the child.

The whole process is very easy, which not only allows children to develop their thinking, but also achieves the purpose of learning.