Nourishing stomach of white-collar workers

Nourishing stomach of white-collar workers

It’s too late to go to work early to eat early, accompany customers to drink until midnight, and buy a hamburger to deal with overtime . Maybe you think these are habits you shouldn’t take for granted, but your stomach is not an overloaded machine,Over time, its procedures and functions will certainly be chaotic.

  As a chronic group in the city, the incidence of chronic gastritis in white-collar women is quite widespread.

Don’t think that this just brings you discomforts such as abdominal pain, nausea, loss of appetite, or you can no longer enjoy the deliciousness of Zanzi. The most terrible thing is that if you ignore it, general superficial gastritis may become chronic atrophic gastritis, or evenIt will turn into gastric cancer, but then the trouble is great.

  When chronic gastritis occurs, do not simply rely on drugs.

Many quotes from the dietitian’s suggestion that getting good nutrition and health care from the daily diet is the shortcut to the road to recovery.

  The first day breakfast bean paste 1 two, fragrant bamboo rice porridge, 1 two ham 1-2 slices, mixed with three shreds (carrots, potatoes, green pepper shreds) with meals 250ml milk Chinese soft rice 2 two, winter melon pork meatballs, sea riceBraised oyster mushrooms in rapeseed with boiled pear juice 200ml, 1 piece of cake, 2 small pieces of dinner, 1 roll of flower rolls, 1 roll of shrimp and peas, 2 rolls of silver wire for breakfast, 1 roll of black rice, purple rice porridge, 1-2 spoons of pork, Belly silk mixed with cucumber and shredded milk 250ml Chinese food flower roll 2 two, shiitake mushroom steamed fish, cabbage fried fan with kiwi 1 meal, biscuit 1-2 slices dinner small dumplings (beef and carrot stuffing) 2 two, bacon 1-2 tablets recommended estimate-mild estimate and mild estimate are a diet commonly used in patients with chronic gastritis.

It is non-irritating, low in fiber, easy to digest and has a lot of nutrients.

It can reduce the burden on the digestive system of patients with chronic gastritis, give them sufficient rest, and provide adequate nutrition to help patients recover soon.

  The dietitian recommends that the food is more conducive to nourishing the stomach and can be supplemented with vitamin B; rice should be used as little as possible, and even if it is used, soft steamed rice should be used, one meal a day.

  Nutritionist advises to keep the mood happy-the way the stomach believes: The stomach is the second face of the human body.

Although you can’t see it, it reflects your emotional changes every moment.

  When you are in a state of excitement, joy, and happiness, your stomach’s various functions function normally or even abnormally; increased secretion of digestive juices, increased body movements, increased appetite, and excellent appetite; when you are angry, sad,Negative emotions with a lot of stress can cause great damage to the rehabilitation function, increase gastric acidity and pepsin content, congestion of the gastric mucosa, and erosion and ulcers; stomach discomfort is more serious when you are sad or afraid: gastric mucosaIt will turn white, the secretion of gastric juice will decrease, the gastric acidity and pepsin content will decrease, resulting in indigestion.

Therefore, in order to be healthy, you should make good self-adjustment of spirit, emotion, and psychology, have a regular life, do not stay up late, reduce unnecessary troubles and sorrows, maintain a good mood, take good care of your “second face”, and try to make it “Smile often. “